Dark Avenger Hack


Experience the thrill and excitement of the best dungeon crawler game, now you can have lots of gems and gold with the use of Dark Avenger Cheat and Hack for iOS and Android, no more jailbreaking or difficult codes to understand, just download, set and ready to generate unlimited dark avenger gems and gold plus activate instant skill cool down which means you can use your skills without limit, also best weapons and armors will be available to you in the shop, unlock it and equip it to your character, this is the best and free dark avenger hack download you will ever get. With this hack tool you can get Unlimited free Gems, Gold levels hack and many more.



It’s a hack for Android / iOS. There’s no jailbreak needed. Dark Avenger Hack provides you two options of extra points. This time you can obtain unlimited amount of Gems and Gold. You can turn on two extra options: Instant Skills what meant that your skills won’t have any cooldowns and the second one “Best Weapon and Armor” which gives you the best available at the moment gear called as “end-game gear”.  Hack is designed and programmed using a glitch in game. It means, that your account is 100% safe and there’s no risk with using this tool.

If you want to gain paid in-game services this application is for you!

Remember just to do not add values like 99999999999, because server could get an error and admins of game could check server logs then.






  1. Select Device System type: Android or iOS
  2. Connect the device by USB
  3. Set values of available bonuses
  4. Click SUBMIT button
  5. Restart your phone and run a game






  1. tried it, soooo goooooood

  2. nice hack, the most valuable thing is I AM RICH NOW! thxx

  3. I love you for this!!!!

  4. Sweet! Instant skills options the best

  5. Thanks working good

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